Rockman Complete Works

Rockman Complete Works is a lineup of video game remakes released for the PlayStation in Japan of the first six games in the original Rockman series (Mega Man in the west) by Capcom. The six games were released individually, each disc containing a port of the original Family Computer version as the game's "Original Mode", as well as a "Navi Mode" that features a "hint system" in which a supporting character in each title gives tips to the player via a communicator, as well an updated HUD and (in the latter three games) an arranged soundtrack, along with other optional game modes. The games are compatible with the PocketStation peripheral, specifically allowing the player to match up bosses from the games in a paper-rock-scissors minigame called "PokeRock". Players can even play against one another via the PocketStation's infrared sensor. All six games were later released together with Rockman X7 in the Rockman Collection Special Box for the PlayStation 2, also only in Japan.

The 2004 compilation Mega Man Anniversary Collection released in North America, featured the Complete Works versions of the first six Mega Man games, including fully localized "Navi Mode" for each game, though the remixed soundtrack for the fourth, fifth, and sixth games are only available in the PS2 and Xbox versions of Mega Man Anniversary Collection; the additional games modes from the PlayStation releases are not included in this compilation.

The Complete Works versions of the first four Rockman games have also been made available on the PlayStation Store in Japan and North America, making these titles available for download on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

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