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Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal - KWDT II Award
... The second Krishna Water Dispute Tribunal gave its verdict on December 31, 2010 ... The allocation of available water was done according to 65% dependability, considering the records of flow of water for past 47 years.According to KWDT II, Andhra Pradesh got 1001 tmc ... Next review of water allocations will be after the year 2050 ...
Bharananganam - Hindhu Legends Associated With The Place´s Name
... Narada Muni and Vyasa Muni reached the place on the bank of holy Gauna (now Meenachil) river and installed the idol of Lord Vishnu in a suitable ... The sages performed abhishekam with Gauna river water ... On that occasion there were not enough water in the river to conduct daily poojas ...
Water Cooling - Industrial Usage
... See also Cooling tower Industrial cooling towers may use river water, coastal water (seawater) or well water as their source of fresh cooling water ... induced-draft or forced-draft cooling towers in industrial plants continuously circulate cooling water through heat exchangers and other equipment where the water absorbs heat ... That heat is then rejected to the atmosphere by the partial evaporation of the water in cooling towers where upflowing air is contacted with the circulating downflow of water ...
Aburagi Dam - History
... The supply of water established during the Meiji period had become insufficient, leading Yawata Works to construct several dams to supply municipal water, such as the Kawachi Dam ... with low annual rainfall, and frequently faces water shortages the expansion of the Kitakyūshū Industrial Zone further worsened these water shortages ... The river basin was once part of the Ogasawara clan's Kokura Domain, a grain producing region where some 150,000 units of grain were produced annually ...
Environmental Impact Of The Coal Industry - Land Use Management - River Water Pollution
... CaO readily dissolves in water to form slaked lime / Ca(OH)2 and carried by rain water to rivers / irrigation water from the ash dump areas ... ions / removes temporary hardness in the water and also converts sodium bicarbonates in river water in to sodium carbonate ... Sodium carbonate (washing soda) further reacts with the remaining Ca and Mg in the water to remove / precipitate the total hardness ...

Famous quotes containing the words water and/or river:

    This is a red wine glass. Can I get my water in a water glass, please?
    Michael Tolkin, U.S. screenwriter, and Robert Altman. Griffin Mill (Tim Robbins)

    Ask me no more: thy fate and mine are sealed;
    I strove against the stream and all in vain;
    Let the great river take me to the main.
    No more, dear love, for at a touch I yield;
    Ask me no more.
    Alfred Tennyson (1809–1892)