Rin Jūken Akugata

Rin Jūken Akugata (臨獣拳アクガタ, Rin Jūken Akugata?, "Opposing Beast-Fist Akugata") is a fictional school of martial arts practiced by the antagonists in the Japanese Super Sentai series Juken Sentai Gekiranger. This martial arts school focuses on the principles of natural selection, that only those strong enough can survive the harsh and inhuman training. Rin Jūken practitioners use a form of Qi called Rinki (臨気(りんき)?, "Opposing Qi"), which is powered by the darkness in one's heart and is used to perform fighting techniques called Ringi. The ultimate form of Rinki is the Dorinki (怒臨気(どりんき)?, "Anger Opposing Qi"), which manifests through infinite rage and a desire to destroy everything.

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