Rigid Rotor

The rigid rotor is a mechanical model that is used to explain rotating systems. An arbitrary rigid rotor is a 3-dimensional rigid object, such as a top. To orient such an object in space two angles and a radius, r, are required. A special rigid rotor is the linear rotor which is a 2-dimensional object, requiring two angles to describe its orientation. An example of a linear rotor is a diatomic molecule. More general molecules like water (asymmetric rotor), ammonia (symmetric rotor), or methane (spherical rotor) are 3-dimensional, see classification of molecules.

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... Lockheed began developing its rigid rotor concept with the CL-475 helicopter design in 1959 ... The choice of a rigid rotor meant that the helicopter was more agile than it would have been with a flapping rotor ... However, in February 1962, Lockheed's Model 186, a new design based on the CL-475 rigid rotor, was selected as the winner for a joint Army-Navy program to evaluate the rigid rotor for high-speed ...
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... approximation a molecule may be seen as a rigid rotor ... A symmetric top rigid rotor has the unperturbed eigenstates with 2(2J+1)-fold degenerate energy for
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... angles, time derivatives of Euler angles, and inertia moments (characterizing the rigid rotor) by a simple differential operator that does not depend on time or ... The explicit form of the rigid rotor angular momentum operators is given here (but beware, they must be multiplied with ) ... equation gives the Schrödinger equation for the rigid rotor in the form that it was solved for the first time by Kronig and Rabi (for the special case of ...
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... mass term The second term is the rotational term akin to the kinetic energy of the rigid rotor ... Here is the α component of the body-fixed rigid rotor angular momentum operator, see this article for its expression in terms of Euler angles ... If all q s were zero (rigid molecule) the Eckart frame would coincide with a principal axes frame (see rigid rotor) and would be diagonal, with the equilibrium reciprocal moments of ...

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