Richard E. Nugent

Richard E. Nugent

Richard Emmel Nugent (December 12, 1902 – November 5, 1979) was a lieutenant general in the United States Air Force who, among other positions, commanded the XXIX Tactical Air Command supporting the Ninth Army during World War II. His first five years of service as a second lieutenant were spent as a tank officer. In 1929 he transferred to the United States Army Air Corps during its five-year expansion program.

Of Nugent's 22-year career in the Air Corps, Army Air Forces and USAF, three were spent in career training and 19 years were in duty positions: four in operational units and commands, and 15 years in staff positions. 11 of those in staff positions were as a personnel specialist, and nearly ten in the Office of Chief of the Air Corps, the General Staff Corps, or Headquarters USAF.

While a major general in the Air Force Office of Personnel, Nugent was involved in the preparatory work, and instrumental in the creation and implementation of the plan, in integrating the Air Force in 1949 and 1950.

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