Ribbon Microphone

A ribbon microphone, also known as a ribbon velocity microphone, is a type of microphone that uses a thin aluminum, duraluminum or nanofilm electrically conductive ribbon placed between the poles of a magnet to generate voltages by electromagnetic induction. Ribbon microphones are typically bidirectional, meaning they pick up sounds equally well from either side of the microphone.

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Ribbon Microphone - History
... Schottky and Erwin Gerlach co-invented the first ribbon microphone ... By turning the ribbon circuit in the opposite direction, they also invented the first ribbon loudspeaker ... Olson of RCA began development of ribbon microphones, first with field coils and then with permanent magnets ...
Matchless Amplifiers - Currently
... Rick Perrotta went on to found Royer Labs, a company that manufactures ribbon microphones ... His company is credited with creating the first modern ribbon microphone, the first active (phantom powered) ribbon microphone and kicking off renewed interest in ribbon microphone ...
Harry F. Olson - Patents
... Patent Number 1931 Acoustic Device For Sound Pick-up (Ellipsoid Microphone) 1,814,357 1932 Apparatus for Converting Sound Vibrations Into Electrical ...
Royer Labs
... Royer Labs is a microphone company that some consider to be one of the foremost manufacturers of ribbon microphones ... Royer has combined the traditional warmth of vintage ribbon microphones with modern output levels ... While older ribbon microphones had a great sound, the ribbons were weak and would break easily ...

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