Resonant Cavity

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Ferromagnetic Resonance - Description
... setup for an FMR experiment is a microwave resonant cavity with an electromagnet ... The resonant cavity is fixed at a frequency in the super high frequency band ... A detector is placed at the end of the cavity to detect the microwaves ...
Radiofrequency MASINT - Unintentional Radiation MASINT - Covert Modulators For Audio Surveillance
... The Seal, however, had an acoustic diaphragm, forming a side of a resonant cavity which, when illuminated with a microwave beam, reflected the beam back as a signal that was ... The conversations caused the dimensions of the resonant cavity to change, producing the modulated signal, This was a Passive Resonant Cavity Bug ...

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    Charity is a cop-out so traditionally female in its apparent self-effacement that there seems resonant comfort in it. We’re no longer supposed to serve the imaginations of men who have dominated us. We are to give up ourselves instead to those whose suffering is greater than our own. Looking down is just as distorting as looking up and as dangerous in perpetuating hierarchies.
    Jane Rule (b. 1931)