Reserved Logical Sectors

Some articles on sector, sectors:

Logical Disk Manager - Compatibility Problems - Advantages of Using A 1-MiB Alignment Boundary
... Microsoft states that on large-sector drives, also known as advanced format, there is a "performance issue" (i.e ... starting offset for the first partition on a hard disk drive was sector 0x3F ... starting offset was an odd number, it could cause performance issues on large-sector drives because of misalignment between the partition and the ...
FATX - Technical Design - Boot Sector - Exceptions
40 77 ... Physical sectors / track (BPB offset 0x0D) ? 8 ... ? 9 ... (8) 9 ... (8) 26 Number of heads (BPB offset 0x0F) ? 2 ... (1) 1 ? 2 ... used in MS-DOS for the Apricot PC and F1e had a different boot sector layout, to accommodate that computer's non-IBM compatible BIOS ... omitted, and the MS-DOS BPB parameters (offsets 0x00B-0x017 in the standard boot sector) were located at offset 0x050 ...

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