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Emailable - Message Format - Message Header - Header Fields
... The message header must include at least the following fields From The email address, and optionally the name of the author(s) ... Date The local time and date when the message was written ... The message header should include at least the following fields Message-ID Also an automatically generated field used to prevent multiple delivery and for reference in In-Reply-To (see ...
Mix Network - How It Works - Return Addresses
... Then, A can send this return address to B as part of a message sent by the techniques already described ... bits that it finds after decrypting the address part as a key to re-encrypt the message part ... key assures that the mix cannot see the content of the reply-message ...

Famous quotes containing the words message and/or reply:

    The photographic image ... is a message without a code.
    Roland Barthes (1915–1980)

    The prince in disguise makes the most charming beggar in the world, no doubt; but that is because—as all fairy-tales from the beginning of time have taught us—the prince wears his rags as if they were purple. And, to do that, he not only must once have worn purple, but must never forget the purple that he has worn. And to the argument that all cannot wear purple, I can ... only reply that that seems to me to be no reason why all should wear rags.
    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)