Relational Algebra

In computer science, relational algebra is an offshoot of first-order logic and of algebra of sets concerned with operations over finitary relations, usually made more convenient to work with by identifying the components of a tuple by a name (called attribute) rather than by a numeric column index, which is what is called a relation in database terminology.

The main application of relational algebra is providing a theoretical foundation for relational databases, particularly query languages for such databases, chiefly among which is SQL.

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Database Normalization - Denormalization - Non-first Normal Form (NF² or N1NF)
... However, what is usually meant by non-1NF models is the approach in which the relational model and the languages used to query it are extended with a general ... To transform a 1NF into an NF² table a "nest" operator is required which extends the relational algebra of the higher normal forms ... operator is required which extends the relational algebra of the higher normal forms ...
Relational Algebra - Implementations
... query language to be based on Codd's algebra was ISBL, and this pioneering work has been acclaimed by many authorities as having shown the way to make Codd's idea into a useful language. 12 was a short-lived industry-strength relational DBMS that followed the ISBL example ... Date and Hugh Darwen proposed a language called Tutorial D intended for use in teaching relational database theory, and its query language also draws on ISBL's ideas ...
Codd's Theorem
... Codd's theorem states that relational algebra and the domain-independent relational calculus queries, two well-known foundational query languages for the relational model, are precisely equivalent in expressive power ... Codd, the father of the relational model for database management ... The domain independent relational calculus queries are precisely those relational calculus queries that are invariant under choosing domains of values beyond those appearing ...

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