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Wannsee Conference - Planning The Conference - List of Attendees
... Title Organization Superior SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich Chief of the RSHA Deputy Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia Presiding ... Roland Freisler State Secretary Reich Ministry of Justice Reich Minister of Justice Dr ... Wilhelm Kritzinger Permanent Secretary Reich Chancellery Reich Minister and head of the Reich Chancellery Dr ...
Franz Schlegelberger - In The Nazi Party
... After Franz Gürtner's death in 1941, Schlegelberger became provisional Reich Minister of Justice for the years 1941 and 1942, followed then by Otto Thierack ... Schlegelberger's attitude towards his job may be best encapsulated in a letter to Reich Minister and Chief of the Reich Chancellery Hans Heinrich Lammers “ “Most ... Reich Minister Dr ...
Wilhelm Frick - Reich Minister
... When Reich President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler chancellor on 30 January 1933, Frick joined his government as Reich Minister of the Interior ... Together with Reichstag Speaker Hermann Göring, he was one of only two Nazi Reich Ministers in the original Hitler Cabinet, and the only one who actually ... This changed, when he was also appointed Prussian State Minister of the Interior under Minister-President Göring in May 1934 ...

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