• (adv): In a regular way without variation.
    Example: "Try to breathe evenly"
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Some articles on regularly:

St. Michael's Catholic High School - Community
... The community choir regularly sings in neighbouring parishes, both Roman Catholic, Anglican and other denominations ... The orchestra regularly performs at St ... Both the choir and orchestra are regularly involved in Archdiocesan liturgical celebrations ...
Kanmon Straits - Transportation
... Shimonoseki Port International Terminal The Kanpu ferry to Pusan in South Korea regularly ... The Orient ferry to Qingdao in China regularly ... The Orient ferry to Shanghai in China regularly ...
Sunday Baseball Games - Present Time
... the blue laws preventing Sunday baseball were gone, most teams scheduled Sunday games regularly ... Although rising attendance has led to the elimination of regularly scheduled doubleheaders (with rare exceptions), major league baseball still schedules a full slate of games for each ... Minor leagues play regularly on Sunday as well ...
Bellingham - Local Culture - Transportation
... The Bellingham International Airport offers regularly scheduled commuter flights to and from Seattle and Friday Harbor, Washington, and regularly scheduled jet service to Los Angeles ... In 2010 Alaska airlines began regularly scheduled direct flights to Hawaii ... Amtrak Cascades provides Bellingham with regularly scheduled passenger rail service to Seattle, Portland, Oregon and to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada ...
Liberty Square (Taipei) - Overview
... Liberty Square regularly serves as the site of mass gatherings in Taiwan ... The Taipei Lantern Festival regularly takes place on the square ... The parks regularly play host to quieter forms of public activity, such as Go games and taekwondo, T'ai chi ch'uan and other martial arts practices ...

More definitions of "regularly":

  • (adv): Having a regular form.
    Example: "Regularly shaped objects"
  • (adv): In a regular manner.
    Example: "Letters arrived regularly from his children"
    Synonyms: on a regular basis

Famous quotes containing the word regularly:

    Leaving me guilted on a moving stair
    Upwards, down which I regularly fell
    Tail backwards ...
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    Certain women should be struck regularly like gongs.
    Noël Coward (1899–1973)

    The world, an entity out of everything, was created by neither gods nor men, but was, is and will be eternally living fire, regularly becoming ignited and regularly becoming extinguished.
    Heraclitus (c. 535–c. 475 B.C.)