Reflexive may refer to:

In fiction:

  • Metafiction

In grammar:

  • Reflexive pronoun, a pronoun with a reflexive relationship with its self-identical antecedent
  • Reflexive verb, where a semantic agent and patient are the same

In mathematics and computer science:

  • Reflexive relation, a certain relation where elements of a set are self-related
  • Reflexive user interface, an interface that permits its own command verbs and sometimes underlying code to be edited
  • Reflexive operator algebra, an operator algebra that has enough invariant subspaces to characterize it
  • Reflexive space, a subset of Banach spaces

Other uses:

  • Reflexive Entertainment, a video game developer
  • Reflexivity (social theory), a concept in social theory relating to the capacity of an individual agent to act against influences of socialization and social structure

Other articles related to "reflexive":

Japanese Pronouns - Reflexive
... Japanese has only one word corresponding to reflexive pronouns such as myself, yourself, or themselves in English ...
Divided Consciousness - Origin(s)
... kinds of division of consciousness the separation of phenomenal experience from reflexive consciousness and the non-unity of reflexive consciousness ... Reflexive consciousness is taken to be necessary for report and is associated with the self as the subject of experience and agent of report ... Reflexive consciousness is operative only when we attend to our own states ...
Czech Conjugation - Reflexive Verbs
... Reflexive pronouns se and si are components of reflexive verbs (se/si is not usually translated into English) posadit se - to sit down myslet si - to think, to suppose ...
Lumer–Phillips Theorem - Variants of The Theorem - Reflexive Spaces
... Let A be a linear operator defined on a linear subspace D(A) of the reflexive Banach space X ... and that A is closed are dropped in comparison to the non-reflexive case ... This is because in the reflexive case they follow from the other two conditions ...