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Maestro (comics) - Fictional Character Biography
... A future version of the Hulk, called Maestro, has seized control, driven insane by the nuclear radiation he has absorbed and the bitterness he feels towards the world at his ... has possessed the body of an alternate reality Hulk from the year 2099 ... Doctor Doom's time machine, the rebels opposing the Maestro bring the Professor Hulk forward from the past, hoping that he can defeat the Maestro ...
Stark Tower - Fictional History
... During the events of World War Hulk, a violent battle between The Hulk and Iron Man nearly caused the collapse of Stark Tower ... Red Hulk started to fight him to protect the innocents, but got batted away by Thing ... Red Hulk survived though and to try and remedy it, Thing tossed his hammer through Avengers Tower, bringing it down onto Red Hulk ...
Thunderbolt Ross - In Other Media - Video Games
... General Ross makes a cameo in the Hulk video game ... Thunderbolt Ross appears in The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction video game voiced by Dave Thomas ... Ross appears in The Incredible Hulk video game voiced by William Hurt ...
Skaar - Fictional Character Biography
... Skaar is the progeny of the Hulk and of Caiera the Oldstrong, who conceived Skaar during the Hulk's time on Caiera's home planet, Sakaar ... After Caiera's death, and the Hulk's departure from Sakaar, Skaar emerged from a cocoon, appearing to be the age equivalent of a human preteen ... Skaar arrives on Earth with the sole desire to kill his father, the Hulk ...
Subterranea (comics) - Inhabitants - Molans
... Spider-Man and Red Hulk end up coming to J ... Jonah Jameson's rescue where Red Hulk ends up fighting Ra'ktar ... Ra'ktar manages to easily cut down Red Hulk ...

Famous quotes containing the words hulk and/or red:

    To anybody who can hold the Present at its worth without being inappreciative of the Past, it may be forgiven, if to such an one the solitary old hulk at Portsmouth, Nelson’s Victory, seems to float there, not alone as the decaying monument of a fame incorruptible, but also as a poetic approach, softened by its picturesqueness, to the Monitors and yet mightier hulls of the European ironclads.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    The dog-wood breaks white
    The pear-tree has caught
    The apple is a red blaze
    The peach has already withered its own leaves
    The wild plum-tree is alight.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)