Red Hood

Red Hood is the alias used by several fictional characters, usually antagonists for Batman in the DC Universe.

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List Of Sanrio Characters - Characters - My Melody (1975)
... See also Onegai My Melody My Melody is a little girl rabbit who always wears a red or pink hood that also covers her ears ... When first released she was the Little Red Riding Hood character in a version of the classic fairy tale featuring all animal characters ... The name My Melody first appeared in 1976 and soon the connection to Little Red Riding Hood all but disappeared, with the exception of a series of Little Red Riding Hood-style goods which were re-release ...
Little Red Hood - Gameplay
... Little Red Hood is loosely based on the Little Red Riding Hood story ... The player takes on the role of the main protagonist "Little Red Hood" whose objective is to reach her grandmother's house ... The majority of the levels feature Little Red Hood in a forest filled with goblin-like enemies ...
Jason Todd
... However, in 2005's "Under the Hood" story arc, the character was resurrected, eventually becoming the second Red Hood and assuming a new role as an antihero ... In June 2010, Jason was featured in Red Hood The Lost Days, a six-issue miniseries to coincide with the release of the DC animated film Batman Under the Red ... Jason would lead a group of antiheroes in the monthly series Red Hood and the Outlaws, which debuted in September 2011 ...
Red Hood - In Other Media - Video Games
... The original Red Hood was mentioned in Batman Arkham City ... around Joker, it was mentioned that Joker got his Red Hood outfit from Carmine Falcone's men when it came to robbing the Ace Chemicals Plant which led to Joker's ... The original Red Hood is also mentioned in Lego Batman The Video Game as a part of Joker's biography ...
Linda Page - Batman Family - Former Members
... avenged him (as Jason believes) by not killing Joker, he adopted the identity of the Red Hood, the identity the man who would become the Joker ... As the Red Hood, Todd sought to succeed where Batman had failed - by becoming a crime lord himself, fighting Gotham's villains on their own terms, and letting it be known that, unlike Batman ... of the Multiverse with Donna Troy and Kyle Rayner, Todd briefly adopted the identity of Red Robin after meeting the Batman of Earth 51, before abandoning that identity and ...

Famous quotes containing the words hood and/or red:

    One more Unfortunate,
    Weary of breath,
    Rashly importunate,
    Gone to her death!

    Take her up tenderly,
    Lift her with care;
    Fashioned so slenderly,
    Young, and so fair!
    —Thomas Hood (1799–1845)

    The remnant of Indians thereabout—all but exterminated in their recent and final war with regular white troops, a war waged by the Red Men for their native soil and natural rights—had been coerced into the occupancy of wilds not far beyond the Mississippi.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)