• (adj): Lavishly elegant and refined.
    Synonyms: exquisite

Some articles on recherche:

La Recherche
... La Recherche is a monthly French language popular science magazine covering recent scientific news ... Created in 1946 Under the name Atomes (Atoms), it changed its name to the current La Recherche in 1970 ...
École Supérieure D'Informatique Et Applications De Lorraine - Teaching
... three laboratories the LORIA (Laboratoire lorrain de recherche en informatique et ses applications), associated with the INRIA Lorraine (Institut national de recherche en ... the CRAN (Centre de recherche en automatique de Nancy), associated with CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) for more than ten years ...
Recherche Bay
... Recherche Bay is located on the extreme south-eastern corner of Tasmania, Australia and was a landing place of the d’Entrecasteaux expedition to find ... It is named after the Recherche, one of the expedition's ships ...
Université De Cocody - Other Institutes and Centers
... Centre National de Floristique (CNF) Centre Universitaire de Recherche d’Application en Télédétection (CURAT ) Institut de Géographie Tropicale (IGT) Institut d’Histoire, d’Arts et d’Archéologie ...
List Of Reptiles Of The Archipelago Of The Recherche
... The Archipelago of the Recherche, a large island group off the southern coast of Western Australia, is recognised as containing 22 terrestrial reptile species ... This is a list of reptiles of the Archipelago of the Recherche Common name Scientific name Mallee Lashtail Dragon Amphibolurus norrisi Ornate Crevice Dragon Ctenophorus ...

Famous quotes containing the word recherche:

    ... A La Recherche du Temps Perdu is like a beautiful hand with long fingers reaching out to pluck a perfect fruit, without error, for the accurate eye knows well it is growing just there on the branch, while Ulysses is the fumbling of a horned hand in darkness after a doubted jewel.
    Rebecca West (1892–1983)