Reactive may refer to:

  • Generally, capable of having a reaction
  • Reactance (electronics), the imaginary component of AC impedance
  • Reactive mind
  • Reactive programming

Other articles related to "reactive":

Headquarters Rapid Reaction Corps – France - Reactive
... Once placed on alert, it is able to deploy reconnaissance teams to an operation area within two days, following a political decision to commit troops, and a light command post (CP) in less than ten days. ...
Three-layer Architecture
... The Three-Layer Architecture is a hybrid reactive/deliberative robot architecture developed by R ... James Firby that consists of three layers a reactive feedback control mechanism, a reactive plan execution mechanism, and a mechanism for performing time-consu ...
SMS Language - Linguistic Properties and Style - Reactive Tokens
... The feature of 'reactive tokens' that is ubiquitous in Internet Relay Chat (IRC), is also commonly found in SMS language ... Reactive tokens include phrases or words like ‘yeah I know’, which signifies a reaction to a previous message ...
Benoxaprofen - Toxicitiy
... activity of the hepatic cytochrome P450I which will oxygenate benaxoprofen and produce reactive intermediates ... to vital intracellular macromolecules and may generate reactive oxygens by redox cycling if quinone is formed ... lead to a depletion of protective glutathione which is responsible for the detoxification of reactive oxygens ...