Ramose and Hatnofer

Ramose And Hatnofer

Ramose was the father and Hatnofer the mother of Senenmut, one of the most important state officials under the reign of the Egyptian queen Hatshepsut in the 18th dynasty of Egypt's New Kingdom. The commoner origins of Ramose and the rise of his son Senemut were long considered to be prime examples of high social mobility in New Kingdom Egypt. For instance, almost nothing is known of Ramose's origins, but he seems to have been a man of modest means—anything from a tenant peasant or farmer, to an artisan or even a small landowner. When Ramose died he was a man aged 50–60 (based on the dental evidence). Hatnofer was an elderly lady, with grey or even white hair. They are believed to have been born at Armant, a town only ten miles (16 km) south of Thebes within Upper Egypt presumably during the reign of Ahmose I, the founder of Egypt's illustrious 18th dynasty.

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Ramose And Hatnofer - Differing Interpretations For The Background of Senenmut's Parents
... Ramose only held the title and non-specific epithet of zab ('the worthy') in his tomb ... The excavators of the tomb assumed, therefore, that Ramose was once only a simple farmer since "The Worthy" was "a polite but somewhat meaningless apellation invariably used for the respected dead ... therefore, states almost nothing about the social origins of Ramose ...