Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama

Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama (ラーマヤーナ ラーマ王子伝説, Rāmayāna: Rāma-Ōji Densetsu?) is a 1992 Indo-Japanese traditional animation feature film directed by Yugo Sako and Ram Mohan, produced by Sako and Krishna Shah and based on the Indian epic the Ramayana. An English-dubbed version with Hindi songs and narration by James Earl Jones has been screened and released on home video under various names including Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama and Warrior Prince. It was released in the United States in a different, further localised English dub with additional music by Alan Howarth as The Prince of Light: The Legend of Ramayana in 2000.

Moriyasu Taniguchi was an (uncredited) character designer and the original music was composed by Vanraj Bhatia; Amrish Puri voiced Ravana in the Hindi version. It was the opening film of the 2000 Lucca Animation Film Festival in Italy, a highlight of the Cardiff Animation Film Festival in the United Kingdom and won Best Animation Film of the Year at the 2000 Santa Clarita International Film Festival in the United States.

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... Hanuman fights for Rama’s army, his role being to use his size and power to repel the aerial threat of the flying demons from Ravana’s army, which he does with panache ... At sunset the battle is halted, and Rama tends to the wounded soldiers of his army before cremating the dead with honour ... Kumbhakarna’s great size causes wonder among several of Rama’s soldiers and even Rama himself ...

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