Rajat Gupta

Rajat Gupta

Rajat Kumar Gupta (RA-jat ku-MAAR GUP-ta; Bengali: রজত গুপ্ত; born 2 December 1948) is an Indian American businessman who was the managing director (chief executive) of management consultancy McKinsey & Company from 1994 to 2003 and a business leader in India and the United States. He was convicted in June 2012 on insider trading charges stemming from the Raj Rajaratnam-led Galleon Group case on four criminal felony counts of conspiracy and securities fraud. He was sentenced in October 2012 to two years in prison, an additional year on supervised release and ordered to pay $5 million in fines.

In his capacity at McKinsey, Gupta was recognized as the first Indian-born CEO of a global Western company. After becoming a senior partner emeritus at McKinsey, Gupta served as corporate chairman, board director or strategic advisor to a variety of large and notable organizations: corporations including Goldman Sachs, Procter and Gamble and American Airlines, and non-profits including The Gates Foundation, The Global Fund and the International Chamber of Commerce.

Rajat Gupta is additionally the co-founder of four different organizations: the Indian School of Business with Anil Kumar, the American India Foundation with Victor Menezes and Lata Krishnan, New Silk Route with Parag Saxena and Victor Menezes, and Scandent with Ramesh Vangal.

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