Rain God

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El Tajín - Major Monuments - The North and South Ballcourts
... scenes relating to the ritual of the ball game that result in entreaties to the gods ... The central panels depict the gods responding or performing a ritual of their own ... Variant forms of the god of pulque appear over each of the end panels, suggesting that the drink was an important part of the ritual ...
Benjy Mouse - Rob McKenna
... is an ordinary lorry driver who can never get away from rain and he has a log-book showing that it has rained on him every day, anywhere that he has ever been ... Rob does, making the media deem him a 'Rain God' (something which he actually is) for the clouds want "to be near him, to love him, to cherish him and to water him" ... continuously throughout the book, especially when he is hailed by the media as a "Rain God," though not in those terms ...
The Legend Of Wong Tai Sin - Synopsis
... Rain god Chisongzi (Adam Cheng) was supposed to take orders from heaven to rain many consecutive months to punish the humans via flood storms ... The Jade Emperor then punishes the Rain god by sending him to be reincarnated as a human on earth ... Rain god was now reincarnated as Wong Zo-ping, a miracle doctor and healer who tried to help many people along the way ...

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    Can it then be doubted, but that God, who is infinitely fine Spirit, and withal intelligent, can make and change all species and kind of body as he pleaseth? But I dare not say, that this is the way by which God Almighty worketh, because it is past my apprehension: yet it serves very well to demonstrate, that the omnipotence of God implieth no contradiction.
    Thomas Hobbes (1579–1688)

    Love is the hardest thing in the world to write about. So simple. You’ve got to catch it through details, like the early morning sunlight hitting the gray tin of the rain spout in front of her house. The ringing of a telephone that sounds like Beethoven’s “Pastoral.” A letter scribbled on her office stationery that you carry around in your pocket because it smells of all the lilacs in Ohio.
    Billy Wilder (b. 1906)