• (adj): Marked by a carefree unconventionality or disreputableness.
    Example: "A cocktail party given by some...raffish bachelors"- Crary Moore
    Synonyms: devil-may-care, rakish
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The Berenstain Bears (1985 TV Series) - Episodes - Season 2
... Raffish Ralph tricks Mama into planting the flowers ... Raffish Ralph is on the verge of getting rid of Bigpaw, so Weasel McGreed can trigger the biggest earthquake in Bear Country, but Bigpaw repels the quake in Beartown 35 "Get Stage Fright*" 08/11/1986 ... problems and performs well 36 "Go Bonkers over Honkers" 15/11/1986 Raffish Ralph seizes an opportunity to trade Bigpaw some pet geese for a gold rock ...

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