Quartermaster is one of two different military occupations.

In land armies, especially US units, a quartermaster is either an individual soldier or a unit who specializes in distributing supplies and provisions to troops. The senior unit, post or base supply officer is customarily referred to as "the quartermaster". Often the quartermaster serves as the S-4 in US Army, US Marine Corps units and NATO units.

In many navies, quartermaster is a non-commissioned officer (petty officer) rank for personnel responsible for their ship's navigation. In the US Navy, the quartermaster is responsible for the ship's navigation and maintenance of nautical charts and maps. Aboard merchant ships, quartermasters are usually the Able Seamen assigned to bridge watches. A naval quartermaster's main task is to steer the ship and apply the helm orders given by the Captain or watch officers.

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... A Scout quartermaster within the Scout movement is responsible for maintaining all the normal camping supplies in a Scout troop ... The Quartermaster Award is also the highest rank in the Sea Scouts, BSA, an older youth (13-21) co-ed program ... A Quartermaster (Kwartiermeester) is in the Netherlands the assistant patrol leader of a Sea Scout patrol (Bak), in Flanders it is the patrol leader of a Sea Scout ...
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... being an active Loyalist and working in the British Army's Quartermaster Corps for most of the war, keeping the accounts of various quartermasters ... When Sir William Erskine, Quartermaster General, returned to England in 1779 to face an audit and investigation for war profiteering, he asked Dyckman to accompany ... participating in other investigations of quartermasters and only returned to the newly independent United States in 1789 ...
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... Through a historical oddity, pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy elevated the rank of quartermaster to much higher powers and responsibilities than it had aboard any merchant or naval vessel ... Pirate quartermasters (quarter deck masters), like pirate captains, were usually elected by their crews ... It was the quartermaster's responsibility to lead the pirate boarding party when coming aboard another ship ...
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