Quantum Fields

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Kip Thorne - Research - Wormholes and Time Travel
... explosive growth of vacuum polarization of quantum fields), that may always prevent spacetime from developing closed timelike curves (i.e ... the structure of spacetime only if they are threaded by quantum fields in quantum states that violate the averaged null energy condition (i.e ... This has triggered research to explore the ability of quantum fields to possess such extended negative energy ...
Degree Of Coherence - Generalization To Quantum Fields
... The predictions of for n > 1 change when the classical fields (complex numbers or c-numbers) are replaced with quantum fields (operators or q-numbers) ... In general, quantum fields do not necessarily commute, with the consequence that their order in the above expressions can not be simply interchanged ...
Standard Model (mathematical Formulation) - Quantum Field Theory - The Role of The Quantum Fields
... In classical field theory, the field is part of the state of the system, so in order to describe it completely one effectively introduces separate variables for every ... In quantum mechanics, the classical variables are turned into operators, but these do not capture the state of the system, which is instead encoded into a wavefunction or more abstract ket vector ... Quantum fields relate to quantum mechanics as classical fields do to classical mechanics, i.e ...

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