Quantum Cryptography

Some articles on quantum cryptography, quantum:

Secure Communication Based On Quantum Cryptography
... Secure Communication based on Quantum Cryptography (SECOQC) is a project that aims to develop quantum cryptography (see there for further details) ...
Entanglement Distillation - Applications - Quantum Cryptography
... The concept of correlated measurement outcomes and entanglement is central to quantum key exchange, and therefore the ability to successfully perform entanglement distillation to obtain maximally entangled states is ...
Anton Zeilinger - Work - Quantum Entanglement
... In the late 1980s, Anton Zeilinger became interested in quantum entanglement ... most significant accomplishments and opened up the new fields of quantum teleportation, quantum information, quantum communication and quantum cryptography ... GHZ theorem (see Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state) is fundamental for quantum physics, as it provides the most succinct contradiction between local realism and the ...

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