Pure Silicon

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Solder Alloys
93 7 Sn95Ag4Cu1 – 1 ... Sn 232 – pure Sn99. 97 0.25 2.75 Zn100 419 – pure For soldering aluminium. 100 Bi100 271 – pure Used as a non-superconducting solder in low-temperature physics ...
Silicon Compounds - Applications - Electronics
... Since most elemental silicon produced remains as ferrosilicon alloy, only a relatively small amount (20%) of the elemental silicon produced is refined to metallurgical grade purity (a total of 1.3–1.5 million ... The fraction of silicon metal which is further refined to semiconductor purity is estimated at only 15% of the world production of metallurgical grade silicon ... (especially the ~ 5% which is processed to monocrystalline silicon for use in integrated circuits) is disproportionately large ...

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