PSC, Psc or psc may refer to:

  • Pancreatic stellate cell
  • Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
Business and Social
  • Louisiana Public Service Commission
  • Pacific Securities
  • Personal service corporation
  • Prescot railway station, England; National Rail station code PSC
  • Protein Sciences Corporation, a biotech company
  • Public Service Commission (disambiguation), regulatory bodies, with competence varying by jurisdiction
  • Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco, Washington (airport code)
  • Pacific Science Center, a science museum in Seattle, Washington
  • Packet Switching Cluster, Asynchronous Transfer Mode packets
  • Personal supercomputer
  • Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, National Science Foundation funded Supercomputer center
  • Printer-Scanner-Copier, a term by Hewlett-Packard
  • Christian Social Party, a former Belgian party, now called Humanist Democratic Centre
  • Christian Social Party, a Belgium party in the German-speaking community of Belgium
  • Louisiana Public Service Commission
  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign in the United Kingdom
  • Partido Social Conservador, a political party in Nicaragua
  • Partido Social Cristiano (disambiguation), name of two political parties, one in Ecuador and the other in Nicaragua
  • Partido Socialista de Chile, a Chilean party
  • Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya or Socialists' Party of Catalonia, a Catalan party
  • Peace and Security Council of the African Union
  • Political and Security Committee, a permanent body of the European Union
  • Public Service Commission (in Louisiana)
  • Social Christian Party (Brazil) (Partido Social Cristão), a party in Brazil
Media Production
  • Palestinian Satellite Channel
  • Portable Single Camera - another way of referring to a Single-camera setup
  • psc (British Army), "Passed Staff College" (British Army, and Air Force), or "Passed Staff Course" (Royal Navy)
  • Private security contractor
Science and Medicine
  • Premature stop codon, a nonsense mutation is a point mutation in a sequence of DNA
  • Phylogenetic species concept.
  • Pisces (constellation) (standard astronomical abbreviation)
  • Polar stratospheric cloud
  • Primary sclerosing cholangitis
  • Parkwood Secondary College, Ringwood North, Victoria, Australia
  • Peter Symonds College, a sixth form college in Winchester, UK
  • Pensacola State College, a public state college in Pensacola, FL
  • Photography Studies College, an independent tertiary college in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Polk State College, a college in Polk County, Florida
  • Port State Control
  • Partille Sport Club, Swedish field- and indoor hockey team
  • Philippine Sports Commission
  • P$C, an American hip-hop group
  • Palm Springs, California
  • Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi, the National Putonghua Proficiency Test

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Shah Iqbal Mujtaba
... Rear Admiral (Retd.) Shah Iqbal Mujtaba ndc, psc, BN (born 1948) is Ex-Chief of Staff for the Bangladesh Navy ... He was preceded by Rear Admiral Abu Taher ndu, psc, BN and succeeded by Rear Admiral M Hasan Ali Khan ndc, psc, BN ...
List Of Stars In Pisces
... class Notes η Psc η 7097. 01h 31m 28.99s +15° 20′ 45.0″ 3.62 −1.16 294 G8III Alpherg, Kullat-Nunu variable γ Psc γ 114971. 23h 17m 09.49s +03° 16′ 56.1″ 3.70 0.68 ... Anunitum 33 Psc 443. 00h 05m 20.15s −05° 42′ 28.2″ 4.61 1.63 128 K1III BC Psc RS CVn variable ξ Psc ξ 8833. 01h 53m 33.34s +03° 11′ 14.9″ 4 ... Psc υ 6193. 01h 19m 27.98s +27° 15′ 50.7″ 4.74 −0.16 311 A3V μ Psc μ 7007. 01h 30m 10.94s +06° 08′ 38.2″ 4.84 −0.38 360 K4III 27 Psc 118209. 23h 58m 40 ...
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... Sarwar Jahan Nizam ndu, psc, BN (born 1952) is the first ever Vice-Admiral and Ex-Chief of Staff for the Bangladesh Navy ... He is preceded by Rear Admiral M Hasan Ali Khan ndc, psc, BN and succeeded by Vice Admiral Zahir Uddin Ahmed (ND) ndc, psc, BN ...
Canovelles - Administration - List of Mayors Since The Democratic Elections of 1979
... Term Name of mayor Political Party 1979–1983 Francesc Martos i Aguilera PSC 1983–1987 Francesc Martos i Aguilera PSC 1987–1991 Francesc Martos i Aguilera PSC 1991–1995 Francesc ...
List Of Chiefs Of Naval Staff
... Islam June 4, 1991 June 3, 1995 (S/M), ncc, psc 7 Rear Admiral Mohammad Nurul Islam June 4, 1995 June 3, 1999 ncc, psc 8 Rear Admiral Abu Taher June 4, 1999 June 3, 2002 ndu, psc 9 Rear Admiral Shah Iqbal ...