Prompt may refer to:

  • Command prompt, in computing, one or more characters in a command line interface to indicate that the computer is ready to accept typed input
  • Prompt (theatre) or "prompter", in theatre, the person who prompts an actor when they forget their next line
  • Prompt corner or prompt box, the location at the side of the stage where the prompt is located
  • Prompt critical, in nuclear engineering, the state of an assembly when for each nuclear fission event, one or more of the immediate or prompt neutrons released causes an additional fission event
  • Prompt neutron, in nuclear engineering, a neutron immediately emitted by a nuclear fission event, as opposed to a delayed neutron
  • PROMPT Telescopes, an array of telescopes located at CTIO which are designed to rapidly observe gamma-ray burst afterglows simultaneously in multiple filters

Other articles related to "prompt":

Prompt Book - History
... Prompt book is originally used by a prompter to much the same effect that they are today used by deputy stage managers ... As audience expectations for spectacle evolved in the 19th century, prompt books were published to describe the techniques involved in constructing complex ... These prompt books more closely resemble instructional works on how to create scenery, as they often included recommendations for simplification for less well-equipped ...
PROMPT Telescopes
... PROMPT, an acronym for Panchromatic Robotic Optical Monitoring and Polarimetry Telescopes, is currently being built by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO ... PROMPT's primary objective is rapid and simultaneous multiwavelength observations of gamma-ray burst afterglows, some when they are only tens of ... bright afterglows in unprecedented detail, PROMPT will facilitate quick response observations at larger observatories such as the UNC-led 4.1-m SOAR ...
Power Of The Pen - Prompts
... Each round consists of one prompt ... Neither the writers nor the judges know what that round's prompt is going to be, and it is very rare for the writer to have ever even seen it before during practice sessions at school ... As soon as the prompt is written down in a place for all in the room to see, the writer has 40 minutes (with the exception of States, which provides only ...
Swit Char - Anatomy of A Shell CLI - Command Prompt
... A command prompt (or just prompt) is a sequence of (one or more) characters used in a command-line interface to indicate readiness to accept commands ... Its intent is to literally prompt the user to take action ... A prompt usually ends with one of the characters $, %, #, , > and often includes other information, such as the path of the current working directory ...

Famous quotes containing the word prompt:

    You shall be as a father to my youth,
    My voice shall sound as you do prompt mine ear,
    And I will stoop and humble my intents
    To your well-practiced wise directions.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    Can anything be so elegant as to have few wants and to serve them one’s self, so as to have somewhat left to give, instead of being always prompt to grab?
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Treat your child-care worker as you want your boss to treat you—with respect, professionalism, adherence to policies and prompt payments.
    Candyce H. Stapen (20th century)