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Treed - Parts and Function - Seeds
... Seeds are the primary way that trees reproduce and their seeds vary greatly in size and shape ... Some of the largest seeds come from trees, but the largest tree, Sequoiadendron giganteum, produces one of the smallest tree seeds ... The great diversity in tree fruits and seeds reflects the many different ways that tree species have evolved to disperse their offspring ...
Perennial - Life Cycle and Structure
... Annuals produce seeds to continue the species as a new generation while the growing season is suitable, and the seeds survive over the cold or dry period to begin growth when the conditions ... into their adaptations and often do not flower and set seed until after a few years of growth ... Many perennials produce relatively large seeds, which can have an advantage, with larger seedlings produced after germination that can better compete with other plants ...

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    A candle in the thighs
    Warms youth and seed and burns the seeds of age;
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)

    Every Age has its own peculiar faith.... Any attempt to translate into facts the mission of one Age with the machinery of another, can only end in an indefinite series of abortive efforts. Defeated by the utter want of proportion between the means and the end, such attempts might produce martyrs, but never lead to victory.
    Giuseppe Mazzini (1805–1872)