Probation Officer

Probation Officer

Parole officers and probation officers play a role in criminal justice systems by supervising offenders released from incarceration or sentenced to non-custodial sanctions such as community service. In some jurisdictions parole or probation officers are involved in presenting reports on offenders and making sentencing recommendation to courts of law.

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Ruby Ridge - Development - ATF Involvement
... Probation Officer Karl Richins and informed him that Weaver was instructed to contact him on that date ... Probation Officer Richins sent Weaver a letter indicating that he now had the case file and needed to talk with Weaver ... Probation Office and asked if the reason that Weaver did not show in court on February 20 was because the letter sent to him by Richins had the incorrect date ...
Presentence Investigation Report - Preparation
... Whether interviewing or reviewing documents, the probation officer must weigh the evidence based on the best available information ... Though it is inevitable that there will be data that the probation officer is unable to verify, that information should be clearly identified ... The probation officer must distinguish between facts and the inferences, opinions, or conclusions based upon those facts ...
Richard Allen Davis - Criminal Justice Record - 1970s
... A probation officer and judge accept his father's suggestion that he enlist in the United States Army to avoid being sent to the California Youth Authority ... Placed on one-year summary probation ... in more than 20 La Honda burglaries, leading a probation officer to report that residents were so angry at him he might be in danger if he returned to La Honda ...
Presentence Investigation Report - Preparation - Writing and Revision
... The probation officer must take the tentative findings of fact regarding the offense conduct and criminal history and must make tentative applications ... The applicable sentencing options that the probation officer must recite in the presentence report ... Additionally, the probation officer must study the case to identify potential grounds for departure from the guidelines and then must analyze any potential departure to determine if it is valid ...
Probation Officer - Probation and Parole in The United States
... In to the United States, there can be probation officers on the city, county, state, or federal level – wherever there is a court of competent jurisdiction ... in the federal system in 1984, there are essentially no parole officers on the federal level in the United States ... probation officers serve as parole officers in that capacity ...

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