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List Of Serie D Champions And Promotions - Promotions
... Molfetta 1955-56 Biellese, Reggiana, Siena, Reggina 1956-57 Pro Vercelli, SAROM Ravenna, Chinotto Neri Roma 1957-58 21 teams 1958-59 Savona, Bolzano, Vis Sauro Pesaro, Pistoiese, Sassari Torres, Maceratese, Crotone ... Seregno, Rovereto, Imola, Lucchese, Latina, Sorrento, Pro Vasto, Acquapozzillo 1969-70 - Imperia, Parma, Trento, Maceratese, Aquila Montevarchi, Viterbese, Savoia Torre Annunziata, Martina Franca, Enna 1970 ... Ospitaletto, Pro Gorizia, Ravenna, Pontedera, Elpidiense, Foligno, Grumese, Gioiese, Gioventù Brindisi, Licata, Carbonia 1982-83 - Biellese, Brembillese, Venezia, Centese, Massese, Cesenatico ...
Football Records In Italy - Individual Records - Most Championships Won - 5 Championships
... Walter Agar (all with Genoa) Henri Dapples (all with Genoa) Giovanni Innocenti (all with Pro Vercelli) Pietro Leone (all with Pro Vercelli) Felice Milano (all with Vercelli) Giuseppe Milano (all ...
Totonero 1986 - Sentences
... Antonio Pigino (Pro Vercelli) 3 years ... Giovanni Bidese (Pro Vercelli) 3 years and 3 months (3 years in original punishment) ... Mario Giudetti (Pro Vercelli) 4 months ...
Guido Ara
... association footballer and manager from Vercelli in the region of Piedmont ... He is most noted for his playing career at Pro Vercelli where he was a one club man, winning six Serie A titles during the club's entire history they only won seven ... of the top clubs in Italy, including Pro Vercelli he managed the club when they won their seventh and final scudetto title, meaning anytime Pro Vercelli won the Italian Football Championship, Ara was at the club ...

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