Primitive Traits

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Atavist - Atavism in History
... atavism was used to account for the reappearance in an individual of a trait after several generations of absence ... The term is often used in connection with the unexpected reappearance of primitive traits in organisms ... Darwinists, who claimed that inferior races displayed atavistic traits, and represented more primitive traits than their own race ...
List Of Transitional Fossils - Human Evolution
... Status Description Image 36-32 Ma Genus Apidium The oldest primitive monkey known in the fossil record, dating back before the split between Old and New world monkeys ... Primitive traits Smaller canines than later monkeys such as Parapithecus Retains some post-cranial characters seen in prosimians Derived traits Fused mandibular symphysis Scapula similar to ... Primitive traits Retained auditory features similar to Old world monkeys Incapable of true brachiation unlike extant apes Reduced capitular tail, but was proportionally smaller than ...

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    A child is born with the potential ability to learn Chinese or Swahili, play a kazoo, climb a tree, make a strudel or a birdhouse, take pleasure in finding the coordinates of a star. Genetic inheritance determines a child’s abilities and weaknesses. But those who raise a child call forth from that matrix the traits and talents they consider important.
    Emilie Buchwald (20th century)

    The inability to control our children’s behavior feels the same as not being able to control it in ourselves. And the fact is that primitive behavior in children does unleash primitive behavior in mothers. That’s what frightens mothers most. For young children, even when out of control, do not have the power to destroy their mothers, but mothers who are out of control feel that they may destroy their children.
    Elaine Heffner (20th century)