Prime Mover

Prime mover may refer to:

  • A machine that transforms energy from/to thermal, electrical or pressure to/from mechanical form, typically an engine or turbine

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Prime Mover - Entertainment
... Prime Mover (film), a 2009 Australian romantic crime film set in Dubbo An episode of The Twilight Zone, "The Prime Mover" Prime Mover, the 1987 hit single from Zodiac Mindwarp Prime Mover, the title of a ...
Load Bank Types - Resistive Load Bank
... load bank, the most common type, provides equivalent loading for both generators and prime movers ... equal amount of load is applied to the prime mover by the generator ... removes energy from the complete system load bank from generator—generator from prime mover—prime mover from fuel ...
Abraham Ibn Daud - Theology
... of a First Cause of all motion, or of a Prime Mover, who Himself, as First Cause, can not have any other cause of motion above Him, and must, therefore, be thought of as motionless ... The Prime Mover is God ... But the Prime Mover is infinite for, since He Himself is without motion, His force also remains unaffected by the motion of change and transformation ...
List Of Marvel Comics Characters: P - Prime Mover
... Prime Mover is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe ... The Prime Mover is a robot employed by Doctor Doom Doom may or may not have created the robot ... Doctor Doom plays "chess games" against the Prime Mover in which real people, unaware of their status as "pieces" in Doom's "game," are pitted against robots ...
Motion Controller - Implementation
... Motion controllers require a load (something to be moved), a prime mover (something to cause the load to move), some sensors (to be able to sense the motion and monitor the prime mover), and a controller to ...

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