Primary Production

Primary production is the production of organic compounds from atmospheric or aquatic carbon dioxide. It may occur through the process of photosynthesis, using light as a source of energy, or chemosynthesis, using the oxidation or reduction of chemical compounds as a source of energy. Almost all life on earth is directly or indirectly reliant on primary production. The organisms responsible for primary production are known as primary producers or autotrophs, and form the base of the food chain. In terrestrial ecoregions, these are mainly plants, while in aquatic ecoregions algae are primarily responsible. Primary production is distinguished as either net or gross, the former accounting for losses to processes such as cellular respiration, the latter not.

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Primary Production - Human Impact and Appropriation
... In some regions, such as the Nile valley, irrigation has resulted in a considerable increase in primary production ... by people raises the total human appropriation of net primary production (HANPP) to 23.8% of potential vegetation (NPP0) ...
Wild Fisheries - Marine Fisheries - Biomass
... zooplankton → filter feeders → predatory fish Phytoplankton is usually the primary producer (the first level in the food chain or the first trophic level) ... External images Animation of global primary production Primary biomass Global primary production can be estimated from satellite observations ... tonnes C/yr (53.8%), for terrestrial primary production, and 48.5 billion tonnes C/yr for oceanic primary production ...
Hellenistic Glass - Primary Production Centres
... to have an understanding of glass vessel manufacture and primary production respectively, in order to carry out their tasks (Stern 1999) ... argued with certainty where the Hellenistic primary production of raw glass was geographically located from the archaeological record, we can hypothesize that a large part of glass ... However, archaeological evidence firmly indicate that primary production of glass, as well as glassworking took place on the island of Rhodes in the Aegean, during the Hellenistic period and ...
Forage Fish - In The Oceans - Ocean Food Webs
... The first or bottom level is occupied by primary producers or autotrophs (Greek autos = self and trophe = food) ... In oceans, most primary production is performed by algae ... This is a contrast to land, where most primary production is performed by vascular plants ...
California Current - Primary Production
... Primary production is a topic of interest among those who study the California Current ... Several studies have investigated the carbon flow from primary production to the pelagic fish stocks which depend on the California Current ... then gets carried by the southward bound California Current and adds significant primary production to the sardine population (Mann and Lazier, 2006) ...

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