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Sinfonia (Berio) - Movements
... movements I II - O King III - In ruhig fliessender Bewegung IV V The first movement primarily uses a French text source and the third movement primarily uses ... Luther King." The remaining movements are primarily instrumental with occasional vocal elements ...
List Of Nocturnal Animals - See Also
... Crepuscular, a classification of animals that are active primarily during twilight, making them similar to nocturnal animals ... Matutinal, a classification of organisms that are only or primarily active in the pre-dawn hours or early morning ... Vespertine, a classification of organisms that are only or primarily active in the evening ...
... Mencía is a Spanish grape variety primarily found in the northwestern part of the country ... over 9,100 hectares (22,000 acres), and it is primarily found in the Bierzo, Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras regions ... much more concentrated and complex wines have been produced by a new generation of winemakers, primarily from old vines growing on hillsides, often on schist soils, in combination with careful vineyard ...
Sistrurus Catenatus Tergeminus - Behavior
... Primarily found in grassland areas, on the edge of open woodland, or on rocky hillsides, and often makes use of the burrows of other animals for shelter ... They primarily eat rodents, but they may also eat lizards and frogs ... They are primarily nocturnal, especially during the summer months when it is too hot for them to be active, but they will sometimes be found out sunning themselves ...
List Of Infantry Divisions Of The Soviet Union 1917–1957
... Poirer and Conner primarily used the wartime files of the German Foreign Armies East ('FHO') intelligence section, of which substantial sections are now held by the U.S ... Thus this page represents primarily pre-1989, Western scholarship however new materials available since 1989, primarily A.G ...

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  • (adv): Of primary import.
    Example: "This is primarily a question of economics"
    Synonyms: in the first place

Famous quotes containing the word primarily:

    Kindliness seems to exist primarily as an animal instinct, so deeply rooted that mental degeneracy, which works from the top down, does not destroy it until the mind sinks to the lower grades of idiocy.
    Charles Horton Cooley (1864–1929)

    The great, the fundamental need of any nation, any race, is for heroism, devotion, sacrifice; and there cannot be heroism, devotion, or sacrifice in a primarily skeptical spirit.
    Anna Julia Cooper (1859–1964)

    The textile and needlework arts of the world, primarily because they have been the work of women have been especially written out of art history. It is a male idea that to be “high” and “fine” both women and art should be beautiful, but not useful or functional.
    Patricia Mainardi (b. 1942)