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Impedance Matching - Power Transfer
... Whenever a source of power with a fixed output impedance such as an electric signal source, a radio transmitter or a mechanical sound (e.g ... a loudspeaker) operates into a load, the maximum possible power is delivered to the load when the impedance of the load (load impedance or input impedance) is equal to the complex conjugate of the ... In this case, maximum power transfer occurs when the resistance of the load is equal to the resistance of the source (see maximum power theorem for a ...
Timescape (Star Trek: The Next Generation) - Plot
... The Warbird has fired a disruptor at the Enterprise, while the Federation ship has initiated a power transfer to the Warbird ... help, its main reactor, using artificial quantum singularities, undergoing a power surge ... of trying to remove the singularity, he had created the power surge, resulting in the Enterprise coming to the Warbird's aid ...
Power Grid Corporation Of India - Technological Development
... development of cost effective transmission corridor, flexibility in upgradation of transfer capacity of lines matching with power transfer requirement and for development of an optimal techno economical inter ... in the transmission system will enhance power transfer capability of the line and reduce transmission losses and minimise Right of Way requirement ... This shall facilitate high quantum of power transfer ...

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    No sociologist ... should think himself too good, even in his old age, to make tens of thousands of quite trivial computations in his head and perhaps for months at a time. One cannot with impunity try to transfer this task entirely to mechanical assistants if one wishes to figure something, even though the final result is often small indeed.
    Max Weber (1864–1920)

    We who didn’t inherit political power nor are made to acquire riches like nothing better than that which expands and solidifies the power of the spirit.
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)