Power Dissipation

Some articles on power, power dissipation:

Foldback (power Supply Design)
... Foldback is a current limiting feature (a type of overload protection) of power supplies and power amplifiers ... The prime purpose of foldback current limiting in linear power supplies is to keep the output transistor within its safe power dissipation limit ... An output transistor that can handle the power dissipation of supplying the current limit at the rated voltage will dissipate more power if it supplies the same amount of current into a short circuit, since the ...
Current Limiting - In Electronic Power Circuits
... Electronic circuits like regulated DC power supplies and power amplifiers employ, in addition to fuses, active current limiting since a fuse alone may not be able to protect the internal devices of the circuit in ... a simple protection mechanism employed in regulated DC supplies and class-AB power amplifiers‡ ... is not zero) and the result would be greater power dissipation in Q1 ...
CPU Power Dissipation
... Central processing unit power dissipation or CPU power dissipation is the process in which central processing units (CPUs) consume electrical energy, and dissipate this energy both by the action of the ... Some implementations of CPUs use very little power, for example, the CPUs in mobile phones often use just a few hundred milliwatts of electricity ... and laptops, dissipate significantly more power because of their higher complexity and speed ...

Famous quotes containing the words dissipation and/or power:

    Crowds without company, and dissipation without pleasure.
    Edward Gibbon (1737–1794)

    It cannot be denied that for a society which has to create scarcity to save its members from starvation, to whom abundance spells disaster, and to whom unlimited energy means unlimited power for war and destruction, there is an ominous cloud in the distance though at present it be no bigger than a man’s hand.
    Arthur Stanley Eddington (1882–1944)