Potential Difference

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Glossary Of Fuel Cell Terms - P - Potential Difference
... In physics, the potential difference or p.d ... between two points is the difference of the points' scalar potential, equivalent to the line integral of the field strength between the two points ...
Electrodynamic Tether Fundamentals
... This EMF dictates the potential difference across the bare tether which controls where electrons are collected and / or repelled ... tether system between the tether and the higher positive potential end ... Similarly, and represent the potential difference from their respective tether ends to the plasma, and is the potential anywhere along the tether with respect to the plasma ...
Sedimentation Potential - Testing - Measuring Sedementation Potential
... Sedimentation potential is measured by attaching electrodes to a glass column filled with the dispersion of interest ... A voltmeter is attached to measure the potential generated from the suspension ... rotated 180 degrees while measuring the potential ...
EEG - Artifacts - Biological Artifacts
... artifacts The most prominent eye-induced artifacts are caused by the potential difference between the cornea and retina, which is quite large compared to cerebral ... or vertical eye movements, elicit a large potential seen mostly in the difference between the Electrooculography (EOG) channels above and below the eyes ... An established explanation of this potential regards the eyelids as sliding electrodes that short-circuit the positively charged cornea to the extra-ocular skin ...
Galvani Potential
... Galvani potential (also called Galvani potential difference, or inner potential difference, Δφ, delta phi) in electrochemistry, is the electric ... Generally, the Galvani potential difference is measurable only when the two phases have identical chemical composition ... The Galvani potential is named after Luigi Galvani ...

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    There can be no difference anywhere that doesn’t make a difference elsewhere—no difference in abstract truth that doesn’t express itself in a difference in concrete fact and in conduct consequent upon that fact, imposed on somebody, somehow, somewhere, and somewhen.
    William James (1842–1910)

    The real community of man ... is the community of those who seek the truth, of the potential knowers.
    Allan Bloom (1930–1992)