Positive Behavior

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Child Discipline - Non-punitive Discipline - Methods - Praise and Rewards
... time with the child, etc.) is an effective method of encouraging good behavior ... Parents often inadvertently reward the bad behavior by immediately giving them the attention, thereby reinforcing it ... parents may wait until the child calms down and speaks politely, then reward the more polite behavior with the attention ...

Famous quotes containing the words behavior and/or positive:

    No one thinks anything silly is suitable when they are an adolescent. Such an enormous share of their own behavior is silly that they lose all proper perspective on silliness, like a baker who is nauseated by the sight of his own eclairs. This provides another good argument for the emerging theory that the best use of cryogenics is to freeze all human beings when they are between the ages of twelve and nineteen.
    Anna Quindlen (20th century)

    If all political power be derived only from Adam, and be to descend only to his successive heirs, by the ordinance of God and divine institution, this is a right antecedent and paramount to all government; and therefore the positive laws of men cannot determine that, which is itself the foundation of all law and government, and is to receive its rule only from the law of God and nature.
    John Locke (1632–1704)