Pore Space

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Physical Properties of Soils - Density
... it excludes pore space and organic material ... Soil bulk density, a dry weight, includes air space and organic materials of the soil volume ... The percentage pore space was calculated using 2.7 g/cc for particle density except for the peat soil, which is estimated ...
Effective Porosity - Background For Multiple Definitions - Isolated Pores
... “Isolated pores” in clastics, and most carbonates, make a negligible contribution to porosity ... can become calcified to create significant isolated intra-particular pore space which is not connected to the inter-particular pore space available for ... In such cases, core analysis will only record the inter-particular pore space, or “effective porosity”, whereas the density and neutron logs will record the total pore space ...
Mud Logging - Details of The Mud Log
... It indicates the pore space within the rock structure ... The oil and gas resides within this pore space ... Porosity is not a direct or physical measurement of the pore space but rather an extrapolation from other drilling parameters and therefore not always reliable ...

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