Popular Mechanics For Kids - Episode Overview

Episode Overview

The show starts off with an overview of the show's episode. One of the hosts (Elisha, Tyler, Jay, and later Vanessa,) then start their first experience on the show, (amusement park, snowboarding, surfing, motorbiking, visiting a science museum etc.). The other host then goes on their experience. Throughout the first two adventures, short, educational segments are shown.

Later, another segment is shown, called Charlie's Experiment/Tip. It is much longer than the mini segments shown throughout the show, and it involves Charlie demonstrating an experiment. Sometimes he answers frequently asked questions about science topics related to the episode topic. At the start of season 3, one of the hosts, (mostly Vanessa,) would go on a third adventure. After some more real life examples of the show's topic are shown, the two hosts then conclude the show, saying, "See you next week", and the show ends.

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