Poppy Seed Roll

The poppy seed roll is a pastry consisting of a roll of sweet yeast bread (a viennoiserie) with a dense, rich, bittersweet filling of poppy seed. An alternative filling is a paste of minced walnuts, making it a walnut roll.

It is popular in parts of Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Israel. It is commonly eaten at Christmas and Easter time. It is traditional in several cuisines, including the Hungarian cuisine (mákos bejgli), Russian cuisine (bulochki s makom Russian: булочки с маком), Serbian cuisine (маковњача), Bosnian cuisine (makovnjača), Polish cuisine (makowiec), Czech cuisine (makový závin), Slovak cuisine (makovník), Lithuanian cuisine (aguonų vyniotinis), Croatian cuisine (makovnjača), Romanian cuisine (ruladă cu mac or ruladă cu nuci), and Austrian cuisine (Mohnkuchen or Mohnstriezel), Danish cuisine (wienerbrød (Vienna bread): )and Latvian cuisine ("magonmaizite").

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