Poi Tricks

Poi Tricks

Some popular poi tricks include: reels, weaves, fountains, crossovers and windmills.

The more skilled the spinner, the more complex and subtle tricks they can pull. Some more advanced tricks involve body wraps, which involve wrapping a poi string around an arm or leg, then pulling it to swing the poi back in the opposite direction. Split time and split direction moves are possible, and some of the more difficult moves, such as the 'five beat weave', isolations or hyperloop require a considerable amount of manual dexterity, coordination and fine timing to accomplish. Manual strength is not a factor, as power and control come from good timing.

There are several basic classes of trick. The two poi are usually spun in parallel planes, and can be spun in the same direction (weaves) or opposite directions (butterflies). Moves such as stalls and wraps can change direction of one poi to change between these two classes.

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