• (noun): Tilling the land with a plow.
    Synonyms: plowing

Some articles on ploughing:

National Ploughing Championships
... The National Ploughing Championships (Irish Comórtas Náisiúnta Treabhdóireachta) of Ireland take place each year in the month of September ... The first inter-county Ploughing contest took place in 1931 as a result of an argument between two lifelong friends, Denis Allen of Gorey, County Wexford and JJ. 16th of February 1931, the first National Ploughing contest took place in Mr W.K ...
Gefjun - Theories - Ploughing, Folk Customs, Parallels, and Fertility
... In Western Europe, yearly ploughing rituals occurring in England and Denmark in preparation for spring sowing which are, in eastern England, held on Plough Monday after the Christmas break ... In one version of the tale, the Lady calls forth four gray oxen who were ploughing in a field six miles away ... a supernatural woman is linked both with water and ploughing land." ...
John Fowler (agricultural Engineer) - Double-engine Ploughing
... In 1856 Fowler filed a patent relating to a method of ploughing using two self-moving engines, placed at opposite ends of the field and each using a winch to draw a plough backwards and forwards ... It is believed that Fowler persevered with his single-engine ploughing system because it was cheaper and he saw it as more affordable for average farmer ... Eventually the double-engine ploughing method superseded the single-engine system that had won the prize at Chester ...
Charles Burrell & Sons - Products - Ploughing Engines
... Charles Burrell started building ploughing engines from as early as 1860 in the very infancy of steam ploughing ... These early engines were very similar to Kitson and Hewitson design of ploughing engine with the exception of the drive to the rear wheels which was via chain ... produced, again under licence from Fowlers, a range of implements for cable ploughing including balance ploughs, turn-about cultivators and a patent small cultivator for use on light land ...
Clearance Cairn - Purpose of Clearance
... By removing large and moderate size stones from the surface and sub-surface, ploughing can take place with much less potential damage taking place to the plough blade ... As ploughing developed and specialised the greater depth tilled and the increased power of mechanised ploughing resulted in more and larger stones being brought to the ... mixed agricultural exploitation enabling ploughing or hand tillage to work more efficiently ...

Famous quotes containing the word ploughing:

    Remus, blow your horn!
    I’m ploughing on Sunday,
    Ploughing North America.
    Blow your horn!
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)