Plasma Displays

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How Plasma Displays Work
... See also Plasma (physics) A panel typically has millions of tiny cells in compartmentalized space between two panels of glass ... and a voltage is applied across the cell, the gas in the cells form a plasma ... some of the electrons strike mercury particles as the electrons move through the plasma, momentarily increasing the energy level of the molecule until the excess energy is shed ...
Larry F. Weber
... career to the advancement and promotion of plasma displays ... of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he directed the Plasma Display Research Group after receiving BS, MS and Ph.D ... to receive the prestigious Society for Information Display (SID) Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize ...
Microplasma - Applications - Plasma Displays
... are found on the flat panel screen of a plasma display ... Across this plasma display panel, there are a millions of tiny cells called pixels that are confined to form a visual image ... In the plasma display panels, X and Y grid of electrodes, separated by a MgO dielectric layer and surrounded by a mixture of inert gases - such as argon, neon or xenon, the individual picture ...

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