Pitch Bend

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Electronic Keyboard - MIDI Controls
... complement each note played with one or more notes of higher or lower pitch, to create an interval or chord ... Electronic keyboards often have two wheels on the left hand side, generally known as a pitch bend and a modulation wheel ... The difference between these is that the pitch bend wheel always flicks back to its default position — the center — while the modulation wheel can be placed freely ...
MIDI 1.0 - Message Format
... volume, pedal, modulation signals, etc.), pitch bend, program change, aftertouch, channel pressure ... Pitch-bend messages range in ±2 semitones (sometimes adjustable with Registered Parameter Numbers), with precision of 1/8192 semitone (The human ear cannot hear the difference between adjacent pure tones ... Most synthesizers allow you to adjust the pitch bend range over several octaves ...
MIDI Usage And Applications - MIDI Controllers - MIDI Controllers in The Data Stream
... Performance modifier controls such as modulation wheels, pitch bend wheels and ribbon controllers alter an instrument's state of operation, and can be used to modify ... Some controller functions, such as pitch bend or key pressure, are given a dedicated MIDI data range of 16,384 steps ... makes it possible to produce the illusion of a continuously sliding pitch, as in a violin's portamento, rather than a series of zippered steps, such as ...

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    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    I saw the Arab map.
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