Piscataway may refer to:

  • Piscataway tribe, a Native American ethnic group native to the southern Mid-Atlantic States
  • Piscataway language
  • Piscataway, Maryland, an unincorporated community
  • Piscataway, New Jersey, a township
  • Piscataway Creek (Virginia)
  • Piscataway Creek (Maryland)

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Turkey Tayac - Background
... A combination of factors had influenced the descendants of the Piscataway and other tribes in the Southeast ... Remnant Piscataway in Maryland merged with other tribes others intermarried with both white and black neighbors and assimilated to various degrees ... Although a few families identified as Piscataway Indians into the early 20th century, prevailing racist attitudes tended to classify mixed-race people as black ...
Maryland Route 223 - Auxiliary Route
... (0.16 km) section of old alignment of MD 223 between the Piscataway Road – Floral Park Road intersection and Piscataway Creek in Piscataway ...
Piscataway - See Also
... Piscataway Park, Maryland Piscataway Indian Nation and Tayac Territory, one of three contemporary Piscataway tribes Piscataqua (disambiguation) ...
Piscataway Language
... Piscataway is an extinct Algonquian language formerly spoken by the Piscataway, a dominant chiefdom on the Western Shore of Chesapeake Bay, in present-day Maryland, United States ... Piscataway, also known as Conoy (from the Iroquois ethnonym for the tribe), is considered a dialect of Nanticoke ...
State Recognized Tribes In The United States - List of State-recognized Tribes - Maryland
... On January 9, 2012, the state recognized two Piscataway groups as state recognized tribes by executive order ... Piscataway Conoy Tribe Piscataway Conoy Confederacy and Sub-Tribes Cedarville Band of Piscataway Indians Piscatway Indian Nation ...