Pinova (also called Piñata, SonataTM USPP 11601, or Corail) is an apple cultivar, a cross between a Golden Delicious, Cox's Orange Pippin and a Duchess of Oldenburg.

It combines the taste of the Cox Orange with the coloration and productivity of the Oldenburg and the shape, storage stability, and shelf life of the Golden Delicious. Its fruits are crisp, with a taste that balances intermediate levels of both sweetness and tartness.

Stemilt Growers, a tree fruit company in Wenatchee, Washington holds the exclusive rights to grow, market and sell this variety in the United States. Stemilt renamed the variety Piñata in 2004, combining two of the apple's given names.

Some independent growers had the Pinova, purchased from licensed nurseries, prior to the Stemilt "rights purchase". These small family farmers have the right to market this variety as Pinova.

Pinova / Piñata was originally bred in Pillnitz (Dresden, Germany), over an 18-year period. Pinata is harvested in Washington in mid-October.

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