Pink Skin

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Horse Markings
... Most markings have pink skin underneath most of the white hairs, though a few faint markings may occasionally have white hair with no underlying pink skin ... by trimming the horse's hair closely, then wetting down the coat to see where there is pink skin and black skin under the hair ...
DJ Boy - Differences Between Arcade and Home Versions
... the game featured two incarnations of "Big Mama" in the same game, one with light brown skin and another with pink skin ... The home console ports gave her dark brown skin and bright red lips in the original Japanese port ... For example, Big Mama (now bearing pink skin) no longer farted a male stripper character simply appeared in his "Chippendales" outfit from the start, rather than beginning as a homeless ...
Equine Coat Colors - Markings and Other Unique Identifiers
... Markings usually have pink skin underneath them, though some faint markings may not, and white hairs may extend past the area of underlying pink skin ... Though markings that overlie dark skin may appear to change, the underlying skin color and hair growing from pink skin will not ...
Cream Gene - Colors Produced - Homozygous Creams ("double Dilutes")
... paler than the unpigmented blue eyes associated with white color or white markings, and the skin is rosy-pink ... The true, unpigmented pink skin associated with white markings is clearly visible against the rosy-pink skin of a double-dilute, especially when their coat is wetted ... The off-white coat, pale blue eyes, and rosy pink skin distinguish the coats of double-dilutes from those of true white horses ...

Famous quotes containing the words skin and/or pink:

    they burned Joan
    and many, and many,
    burned at the stake,
    peeling their skin off,
    boiling their good red blood,
    their hearts like eggs....
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    Even in the pink crib
    the somehow deficient,
    the somehow maimed,
    are thought to have
    a special pipeline to the mystical....
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)