Physicians For Human Rights

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) is a nonprofit human rights organization. It was founded in 1986 by a small group of doctors who believed the unique scientific expertise and authority of health professionals could bring human rights violations to light and provide justice for victims. One of PHR's first missions was to testify on behalf of doctors and human rights activists in Chile, who were working against the military dictator Augusto Pinochet. Since then, PHR has conducted pioneering research and field investigations in more than 40 countries.

PHR focuses on a set of core human rights violations:

  • Atrocities against civilians during armed conflict
  • Violence against women, especially rape as a weapon of war
  • Torture and abuse of detainees
  • Lack of access to health care due to racial, ethnic and gender discrimination

PHR works to prove the health consequences of human rights violations. It also uses its research for advocacy focused on demanding accountability for crimes and recommending critical policy changes.

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Famous quotes containing the words rights, physicians and/or human:

    What men value in this world is not rights but privileges.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

    The sick are parasites on society. In a certain state it is indecent to go on living. To continue vegetating in cowardly dependence on physicians and machinations once the meaning of life, the right to life, has been lost ought to occasion a deep contempt within society.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    A lock-jaw that bends a man’s head back to his heels, hydrophobia, that makes him bark at his wife and babes, insanity, that makes him eat grass; war, plague; cholera, famine, indicate a certain ferocity in nature, which, as it had its inlet by human crime, must have its outlet by human suffering.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)